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Shocking Ways IOT World Will Make You Better in Bed

Now its time to technology trend, developers are introducing new innovation of technology things for hope to future technology for better life. The dealing with technology with the help of internet and sensor in the way of developing decades. The way of developing technologies turned into AI with improved Machine Learning awe things. Creating edge of technology immense results that is "Internet of Things" is connected network with daily use gadgets or things for simplified to our daily life. The way of using things for getting better results in time.

10 Signs You Should Invest In IOT

From the world of 2020 technology turned into new innovations trend 'Internet of Things. The way of internet is used for sending things to move on forward. Nothing but the new way of using but its future innovation just using things is  surrounding electrical appliances or gadgets. The gadgets are daily use things which is in the part of electronic gadgets connected to the internet is called Internet of things. Simply in words controlling things using internet.
For example fans, lights, doors, alarms and more appliances which are we can see and used in daily life.

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How To Solve The Biggest Problems with IOT

For example turning on off your coffee maker using internet through mobile anywhere in the world or turning off or on food bucket cap for feeding pets. Turning off the air conditioners if forget to turn off in home simply can turn of through mobile from anywhere in the world just need internet connectivity of both things. Using sensor will increasing day-by-day coming decade every gadgets and things will be connected with sensor and cloud for better pulse. It will works with internet protocols.

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IoT is the future generation things?

The technology ravenous next turn is IoT, because of every things is used for conservative purpose in the way of involved AI (Artificial Intelligence) with ML (Machine Learning) result is immense. Which means sensors with software creating awe trends of technology. No answer for silent results of future IoT can turn to daily drive and significant purpose. The IoT typically used sensors for monitoring environmental changes for before moving results of water, air, atmosphere conditions and soil. IoT not only monitoring conditions of atmosphere and also warnings about earth quakes, tsunamis, floods and any circumstances. Technology in the view of tiny things for useful to human for simplified of life. 

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Coming from next 3 to 5 years huge specifically changes in the world with IOT

It is provide customized things to our life "What You Want and What You It"
Everything is interlinked through operated with cloud based automation, using sensors in our daily drive.
For example open door alerts, refrigerator is automatically send notification to mobile like stock of food items, water quantity and present temperature in fridge and if door is opened.
Notified through mobile for vehicles diagnostics like how much oil or gas fuel contains in tank of vehicle, tires and fluids etc..
Using QC codes for operate things which sensors on the cloud automation.

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Monday, 23 July 2018

The Hidden Mystery Behind Machine Learning to Develop Sounds Using

What is machine language?

Simply in words machine language is a own language of machine it means every machine having processor which is communicating some language that language is called machine language. Now little bit of confusion who are beginner including me which language to learn machine language. No problem we can learn many way to understand the machine language but which is depends upon the branches of language set. If you wanna learn machine language for developing something first you have to idea about what you to do.

Machine language is learning of data sets and processing of data flow. How much collection of data and how much to complies data is basis of machine learns for example: Camera  with AI, it works simply identify the things when the capturing pictures, how it works like when the developing application developers are collecting much data of things, then following compiling data finally the result is wonder.

In my view machine language is much involved with Artificial intelligence and data. Because even if you develop any program which is depends how much data will speed of compiling and data collection. But AI and machine language is not same but much closer to things. Many examples to understand the machine language with AI comes innovations of decade. Most famous example is Facebook apps like one of the famous application using in Facebook users with facial picture decodes and shows how you are in 60's, 70's and 90's.

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What programming languages to learn machine language?

Mainly need to learn basics of programming and Python, why Python is big world of machine language support and easily understand of beginners and supports many communities in web world.
The language is popular because it is easily fix errors with his community supports through many online communities and courses offers for beginners, not only online and also available in books.

What are requirements for learning Python for machine language?

Basically learning machine language need some knowledge about programs like C, C++ and basic Java Scripts. In the process of learning Python you can learn many things if you don't know the basic of codes and compiling not problem you learn here because of practices give more perfection and accuracy. But you have some math ability and common sense is much need for any development.

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So if music is a language without set meaning, what does that tell us about the nature of music?

If you wanna compose or develop some sounds are music, you don't need any knowledge of music but you have some ability to make some much, sounds good basically nobody is not a master from the beginning so need to worry about things of music. You have to passionate about music otherwise you cannot give better output. The nature of music is some inner feeling comes out through our vocal or some instrumentation sounds. In the music world many types of music traditions are there, then can follow any pattern to fulfill targets.

Machine language to develop sounds using Python?

Yes, Python is machine language in the basis of AI and sets of algorithms. Then we can develop many things not only music and also videos, animations and different things through Python.


TensorFlow is a most popular program to using sets of algorithms to generate music. It is basis on the basic syntax and data manning. Many developers are using TensorFlow development to generate programs, its very rich, and basis on the platform of data sciences. In the process developing of TensorFlow using some Java scripts is more use full, supports rich frame works fast and light weight. It is easy to compile syntax with minimum knowledge of coding and easily to understand. TensorFlow is having big community and available many tutorials for free in YouTube and by following the python communities. First learn requirements like minimal of C, C++ and Java Scripts Compiling and then go for Python beginner and then become python developer.

If you need to more information about Python here

What is Artificial Intelligence And How Will It Change Our World?

Why Software need to cracking?

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Saturday, 21 July 2018

The Secret Of Why Smartwatch

What can you do with a smart watch?

In the early 90's wearing watch to wrist is intimate of dignified, but now a days watch means personal assistant to human for performing multiple tasks. Generally watch is used for the showing time, but its a sign of royalty of wrist and brand.  Its depends upon the which brand is to used and watch material it contains, but coming to smart watch is quit different from compared to general wrist watch with smart watch because its having some interesting and important daily need factors like mobile phone tasking features, heart rate monitoring, steps counting, AI assistant, Maps, directions of ways and more features are interning coming decades.   

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Some History Keys

  1. In the year of 1982 Pulsar is the name of brand by manufacturing of Hamilton Watch Company and after many year Pulsar changed to Seiko, the watch was store 24 digits codes, it can able to connect printers.
  2. After coming decades many features will be added one by one to watch, then the journey from digital watch to smart watch. In 1999 Samsung introduced SPH WP10 mix idea on watch and phone smart watch with having 90 minutes talk time nearly.
  3. The millennium 2000 IBM introduced with the hands of CITIZEN company, running Linux 2.4 operating system smart watch named 'WatchPad' with 8MB RAM, Bluettoth facility.
  4. Coming days involved feature of vibration for business and students.
  5. Again Samsung trying to taste of youth plus in 2009 with new look of smart watch S9110, now this time Samsung success and follow major brands in this track.
  6. Now turning to Sony 2012 smart watch and finally the 2010 Apple changes the trends of smart watch track with his own features.
  7. 2014 is the smart watch year because of many brands introduced his products to occupied the market of watch like Google's introduced his decades operating system Android 4.3 improves to Android Wear operating system especially for smart watches, Moto 360 smart watch with new round dial looks and more companies try their lucks.

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Android Wear

In the year 2014 Google's introduced own operating system for smart watches that is called Android Wear. It's runs on the Wear OS in the smart watch, many brands are using this operating system to their devices and introducing market. The popular watches with Wear OS are Samsung Gear Live, LG G watch, Motorola Moto 360, Asus ZenWatch, Sony smart watch and etc. In the decade of 2014 and 2015 years smart watch will most popular device of new innovations.

Features of Android Wear

  1. Tap to wake up screen.
  2. Transportation mode like bike mode, run and ride mode.
  3. Using maps and directions with your voice commands (Ok Google, Run).
  4. The Wear OS can operate your mobile when you synchronized you mobile to watch and completing your tasks like play music, stop music and etc.
  5. Supporting Sport activities options like hear rate, steps count and more. But need to particular sensors in the watch. 
  6. SMS alerts notifications and simply draw reply through watch with finger tips. 

Built-in GPS

After smart watch introduced, many features are implementing in the devices. One of the popular key is built-in GPS, after the GPS involved the watch, the tasking of action will totally changed like simply using maps for driving, choosing directions and more. But its all basses when the synchronized you mobile to watch. 

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When will we see the watch?

We can use for many things but the first can we view time of the day, funny. Basically smart watch is used for assistance of mobile phone without holding hands to perform some tasks. But its simple and fast contains some useful features and more than a mobile phone features. We can see the time its a common thing of watch but also playing some music with our voice commands for relaxing, answering calls and view messages or hear. 

What separates a smart watch from a dumb watch?

The things of regular watch and smart watch is more different for example smart watch can calculating our daily things like steps counting, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure rate, GPS navigating and performing tasks with our voice commands. But in the battery life is not much more comparing with general watch and smart watch. We need to charge every day or week its depends upon the battery life and capacity of smart watch. But general watch is not like that because its having battery is only perform some common tasks like showing time and date and alarm, may extra features some watches, but its give good battery life comparing to smart watch.

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Finally if you use smart watch in daily drive for using mobile task is more efficient, but you need charge every time like a mobile. But general watch is not like that its given premium look to your hand. Even in these days many brands priced manufactured and selling more price of general watches, because of its place for royalty and having brand name in the market.

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Sunday, 15 July 2018

How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Live a Better Life

Artificial Intelligence Definition

Artificial Intelligence is also know as Man Made Intelligence, because of every task was controlled of intelligence way to the manner like humans but its depends upon the computer programming.
The major programming languages for using AI are Java, python, Braina, Open INN, CYC, Eliza, Alphago, AML and more. If we learning these languages simply we can develop codes to computers.
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What is Artificial Intelligence And How Will It Change Our World?

In our daily life we are using many electronic gadgets, mobiles or computers to perform tasks, in the process of performing tasks helping any machine to us is called Artificial Intelligence. for example capturing images, Amazon Eco, Google Home, Google Assistance, playing games with computer and more things involved in the technology generation of you life. It was started in 1956 on wards many companies researching for AI to innovation of future generation gadgets for occupied up hand of market world.
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Smart things to about Artificial Intelligence: 

Hey Google..

Hello Google..

These are repeated and very popular in this decade because of innovation of Google, Thank You Google to give a best gift to hope of our feature technology. Coming to feature generation of technology AI is develops more and become unique category. It helps suggests routes and traffics signals of in our way in the daily drive. if you are in sad mood recognizing face expressions, it simply identify your mood and playing music or talk likes your friend voice and share a joke to changing your mood. May be its a part of in our lives in the future.

Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence?

Many companies researching of AI to develop better future technology of Robots. In the manner Facebook also researching and developing its own AI for controlling chard boards, it was identifying and designing of our completing one year post and keeps first in our news feed for example if any post was completing one year, automatically it was comes to notice in your news feed. It was developed using with Artificial Intelligence of chart boards. But unfortunately it was shout down because of two robots who controlled the AI chart boards of Facebook. The two Robots names "Bob & Alice" was developing their own language and talking each other in the own programming language it was cant to understand humans, the Facebook research engineer identified these issue with the conversation of two Robots. So, may it can we smart enough to control Artificial intelligence but we have keep in eye of every things of AI.
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Are We Smart Enough to Control Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, we can enough to control artificial intelligence because AI always depends up on the human programming code, if we use for good it always positive, but AI is not control of humans. If any problem human only can fix.

Sophia is a humanoid robot. Before Sophia, every robot was looks like a machine, but coming to Sophia is looks like a human because its a humanoid robot. Sophia was developed by David Hanson of his company Hanson Robotics Company with Associate for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) norms in the year of 2015.  On April 19, 2015 Sophia was activated to hope of AI future.

First AI Citizen

In the year of 2017 and month November 5, Saudi Arabia was gives the first citizen to the humanoid robot Sophia in norms of Peculiar Programming Designed for Self Thinking Cognitive Andro Humanoid Robot. The Sophia is express as a Human Facial expression of 95.76%. Sophia talk to humans and gives reply but not said like search in internet, she simply smile if you ask any confidential relate questions.

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Future Innovations of AI

Companies was starts research to developing for feature innovations, Microsoft company researching Microsoft AI Commercial which is aim of Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge like Microsoft own assistant Cortana, Google also trying to implement to give better things one of new technology of expecting future is Google AI Duplex which was act as a person assistant but its a voice assistant to perform tasks like booking appointment with voice like a human voice expression. The Google AI Duplex system speak like normally a human and we can talk like simply. Not only we can expect AI Assistants and also driver less cars, personal robot and more. But its to move for positive is always good or human have need keep in eye on AI. 

Things to you can check  Cracking Software is Risk?

May is useful post to you Best camera applications in Google Android

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Tuesday, 10 July 2018

MIUI 10 Flashing

In the generation of mobiles ROM's interface will be developed coming to the past days. MIUI ROMs are the most popular ROM's in the Asia and also offers some interesting features and smooth performance for gives better output to the user. The journey of MIUI ROM's yearly quite competating to other brands with own UI and interesting features.

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Features of MIUI 10

New Look:

MIUI 10 ROMs are basically have different looks compared to previous MIUI ROMs, it offers neat looks with inbuilt stuff of free themes, widgets and wallpapers.

Supports Smart Devices:

In the version of MIUI 10 provide smart integration of IOT. It helps to operate smart devices like
 remote controlled devices, home appliances, security devices and etc.

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Virtual Assistant:

Now a days virtual assistant occupied major part of daily drive in smart world like Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple's Siri and etc. But now MIUI 10 introduced with own assistant for perform smooth operating to user tasks.

Interface Improvements:

The interface of custom ROMs are quit different to comparing other stock ROMs, MIUI 10 gives new looks of interface with some features of widgets.


MIUI 10 offers some gestures like Motorola, Apple's iPhone and etc.. operate with swiping turns of sides.

Other features:

Slide bar changing from compared to previous version, volume bars and brightness bars will be increased, task manager and performance will be better to compared with previous version of MIUI ROM's.

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Flashing MIUI ROM

Before comiting to flashing custom ROM just check out the what is different between the Stock ROM, Beta ROM and Custom ROM 

Flashing MIUI ROM's are three methods:
  1. Flashing in Fast Boot Mode.
  2. Flashing with MIUI flash tool. Check here how to flashing with MIUI flashing tool
  3. Flashing with zip in updater settings.
Note: MIUI 10 is present in Beta testing mode so contains some bugs so if you eagerly want to taste MIUI 10 then flash or otherwise wait for stable ROM release.

Flashing in Fast Boot Mode and flash tool is based on some risks, because of when the flashing process may failed to load IMEI numbers and hard dead of motherboards. But its also working methods.
Keeps in eye of flashing fast boot mode and MIUI flashing tool methods.
  1. Recheck every time to conform choosing support ROM of your device model.
  2. Have to unlock your boot loader to flashing beta ROM's click here 
  3. Check the update settings of developer mode activating.
  4. Choose best connectivity cables and PC.
  5. Download the conformation zip files without effecting virus.
  6. Your warranty will be void.

Safe method:

The flashing MIUI ROM with safe in hands are depends of what you choosing the file of supported to your devices.
  1. Speed internet with sufficient data.
  2. Downloaded zip of appropriate device model supported file of ROM.
  3. Sufficient space in your mobile.

Steps to follow:
  1. Go to setting on your mobile and find the about phone.
  2. Tap continuously in MIUI version in the about phone section, its automatically notices activating developer option.
  3. Now come to back of settings in phone and find the additional settings, choose developer options.
  4. In the developer options goes to  USB debugging to enable (because when the flashing process any issues are occurred, we can simply fix using PC).
  5. Come to back settings menu, go to about phone and tap the system update.
  6. Press the three dot buttons in the right corner of the display.
  7. In the section choose update package.
  8. Wait it for validate and flashing, its automatically restart the device after flashing the ROM.


Easythings not responsible for bricked devices, dead SD cards, please do some research if you have any concerns about features included in the produces you find here before flashing it. Your warranty will be void if you tamper with any part of your device/software.

Finally Have a nice day.
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Monday, 9 July 2018

Error 1068 The Dependency Service Or Group Failed To Start

Error 1068:

Computer terms windows operating system offered efficient interface to user for smooth operating. But some times some of background services are not works properly because of effecting virus, may user not updating the operating system in daily use. In the cause of cases may some of operations not works like printer tasks, internet connection and some of network basis issues. In the manner of such things Error 1068 or dependency service or group failed to start error code was played common times, then today we can resolve the fix error 1068 the dependency service or group failed to start.

Symptom: if you turned on the computer after few days, looks every thing fine but internet is not connected, but internet connection is all set good. Just check out the image.

Many situations of windows operating system platform getting this type of errors like print spooler, not connecting internet but everything of internet connection is good depends upon the services of the operating system. Then following some simple steps to fix that issue.

How can i fix this error?

1. Go to start menu in the computer.
2. In the search box type run or press windows icon + R in your keyboard.
3. After press or type we can find open pop like box and on the box type services.msc, hit enter button or press OK in the box.

4. After pressing, we can notice one window table it contains all services of the present login account of operating system.

5. Then find the internet connection sharing (ICS) option by pressing "I' using keyboard in the name section. Right click on the Internet connection sharing (ICS) and start the service, if it already running then restart the service.
6. Find the DHCP option by pressing "D" using keyboard in the name section and right click on the DHCP option and start the services, if already running then restart the service.
7. Find the 'print spooler' option by pressing "P" using keyboard in the name section and right click on the print spooler option and start the services, if already running then restart the service.
8. Restart the computer.

Note: if you have printer issue in the dependency service or group failed to start related problem, then find the printer spooler option by press 'P' using keyboard in the name section and restart the computer.

Alternative method: 

If it not fixed for you problem. then press the restart button in the start menu and when the time of restarting pressing continuously F8 button in the keyboard and enter to safe mode and try the above same steps.

Final method:

The final method to fixing error 1068 print spooler is need have to fix dll errors for that have to running the repair disk of your present operating system copy or backup and repair it, to fixing perfectly without may any issues. If you not have repair disk of your operating system then use third party repairing tools like Hiren's Boot CD, Ultimate Boot CD or took any operating system boot disk same of your version in present operating system. When the fixing process some times getting these error 403, error 500, error 53 and error 678, so have to repair current operating system using boot CD.

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

The Lazy Way To Camera App for Android

Now a days user prefer to camera is essential of every smart phones. Even any branded phone manufactures develop to introduced new technologies for camera to perform best quality output for competitive brands. Last generation mobile having camera is more popular to choose user eye, but now thinking was change to standards of which lens was used to camera of particular mobile, what sensors they are used to developed, how much megapixels contains of cameras and finally user was dominated with dual-camera of both side with dual-led flash. In the mobile world many brands introduced cameras with supported 4K resolution output of video and best pixel density to competitive other cameras includes some DSLR, it's not funny, it's true.

Lets going to apps family of Google's Android contains thousands of apps for give some extra features of camera to perform better picture and video quality output, because many brands introduced best cameras with limited options of camera app. Then user ride to get better choice is searching third party camera apps in Google's Play Store and third party apk files.
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What we prefer to make best?

Main reason for prefer to taken photos to memorized the some important things, now a days every capturing memory we will posted to social networking sites but its good quality or not, this is depends on the what application to use for capturing, so lets keep in eye contains which type of camera and how megapixels to Camera app for android and also choose for offered inbuilt gallery for some individual applications and choose some options like filters and manual options.

White balance:

Yes, balancing colors especially the color of white for capturing the moments, color reproduction is depends on the factors of camera specifications, but when we have good camera in mobile but not available particular options in you ROM, then go for the other applications.

Manual controls:

The controls are plays the main role to capturing images and color reproduction, so choosing best filter app for android, best manual camera app for android and also look for difference between paid camera app and free camera app for android.

which is the best camera app for android free to use

camera applications for android platform have thousands in play store, but pick the best for your prefers are dependents. Under the search in play store available hundreds, but i choose only free and popular apps for daily drive.
Image from Google Play Store

1. Camera MX:
The application which contains some interesting features Live shot, shoot-the-past the feature contains browse sequence shots before pulled the trigger, photo and video editor and more. Camera MX having 4.3 star rating and more than 240K downloads. Contains some adds to be in-app purchases.

Download here

Image from Google Play Store

2. Open Camera: 
It's open source application and ads free. But its offers automatic stabilization of picture capturing, taking photos while recording video and many more features are available in application. Having 4.3 star ratings and more than 110K downloads.
Download here

Image from Google Play Store

3. Google Camera:
The Google Camera is modded from Googles' devices to capture the better pictures and videos, its supports bokeh style and supports 4K recording capability but supports only some devices. It is not available in playstore, but its available apk format in XDA developers, its a trusted site to download without any malware infections and virus.
Download here
Image from Google Play Store

4. Camera360:
The camera application which is offers some beauty effects, funny stickers and motion stickers with editing tool. It's available for free in Google's Play Store but in-app purchases, It's having 4.3 stars rating and more than 4M downloads.
Download here

Image from Google Play Store

5. Footej Camera
Simple and lite interface for user to capture with out clammy. Offers inbuilt gallery, supports video slow motion recording for some devices and manual ISO settings. Available for free in Google's Play Store and it offers in-app purchases, having 4.3 star rating and 12K downloads.
Download here

Which app did you pick and why?

Ans. Its depends on the choice of your preferences, if you want to manual controls then pick Open camera  and Google Camera its add free applications, but if you want some funny interesting features like automatic beauty mode, slow motion video recording and stickers then pick Footej Camera and Camera360 or you want some new features like browse sequence shots before pulled the trigger, photo and video editor and more then go for Camera MX but totally what you prefer.

what's the best camera app for Android?

Ans. its little competition between all these apps, but you have good aperture and pixel content camera for capturing and enjoying these application. Choosing best is always depending what you need and what you expected, if you have manual mode, fancy features, you have to think then go for it.

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Wednesday, 27 June 2018

The Truth About Cracking Software is it Risk

Why Software need to cracking?

A. many users thinks my software need to crack, because its over the trail and not to effort it. simply searching the websites and following instructions to crack the particular software.
Cracking software is it works like paid version!
No, its not works like paid version because in the process of crack the software its breaks the security and privacy term of software and its ending the connection between authorized server and software, then there is no support from the software vendors.
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Process of cracking software:
Simply clarification may it different of various software. its based on the which platform to attacking to break the securities.

Content →Debugging →Target →Breaking →Redirect →Result

Issues of cracking software:

  1. It crashes many times of using the software when in doing job.
  2. May its harm to effected virus and different malwares, then automatically its harm to device.
  3. Hacking to these types of software's is highly possible.
  4. No updates to changing the version of software.
  5. Cracking software is unauthorized, it may have to pay it. 
images from

Thinks to cracking needs:

  1. Password hacking or breaking to get paid versions.
  2. Wi-fi password cracker to use unauthorized internet access.
  3. Unlocking the software to install and utilized.
  4. Social networking sites password breaking.
  5. Breaking security to entering the firewall of the network.
images from

According security reasons using of cracking or modified software it intend of privacy, many people are using pirated software including operating systems. Now a days increasing hacking attacks, spreading malware and effecting virus. 57%  of the people using pirated software in the world due to the conducting survey of Business Software Alliance (BSA). But everyday technology will go to advance then increasing online banking and transaction, especially online marketing sites will be increasing compared to the last decade. Then using authorized software is the better thing to daily drive. 

Another better ways of using software without cracking:

Searching and identify for alternative free software. Many alternatives are available in the web world to install and use. Try to use online tools for free, its lite and tiny but need good fast internet connection. Installing different platform for using different alternative software like Microsoft windows operating systems are need to buy, but other open source operating systems offers free like Ubutnu, Chrome OS for desktop, ReactOS, Syllable, Haiku and more just on click of search in web world.

Then why go for cracking software and effected for risks. Be free and have free enjoy utilizing. 
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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Stock ROM vs Beta ROM vs Custom ROM

What's ROM offers better for daily drive?

In the mobile world, user interface is takes place to daily drive of mobile, even the how many days or years, or hours to device in hands. Of course the user interface (UI) is the key of experience to users to takes place next level of the mobile in the competitive of mobile devices. 'ROM' stands for Read Only Memory. The ROM is based on the sources code of program languages (Java, python and some HTML) to build without bugs to function deal of features and attractive user interface, mixed to developed ROM and release the mobile to market.
Image source from

Stock ROM:

Stock ROM is the default operating system software of the mobile, which is developed and customized according to need for companies and carriers. The stock ROM is parent operating system software of particular mobile what companies manufactured from the entered when introduced to market. It can may work all the major features of what manufactures promised to users. Many operating mobile ROM are available to free to use in the mobile world, but only few ROM operating system will succeed and occupied the major place of the mobile operating platform.

Especially when the Google enters the mobile platform with own operating system Android to brings the taste to easy user interface, many mobile manufactures are uses the sources of Google Android platform. Major companies are bring the mobiles with only Google Android system ROM to tends the users experience.
Image source from

Stock ROM is default operating system software may coded with some sources like iOS, Android, Tizen, Ubuntu, Firefox, Sailfish and Windows. But Apple's iOS and Google's Android is the most popular operating systems of mobile ROMs. 

Beta ROM:

Beta ROM is a mobile operating system which is in under developing stage. Now a days companies offers testers/developers to test the feature ROM's for the better results to the users before release to market. But its contains many bugs because of the ROM is in initial stage of developing. After testing may brings the feedback from the testers, manufactures developed to stable ROM and release to the users of particular versions of devices.
Image source from

Custom ROM:

The ROM which is modified for extra features or privilege of rights to the device. The custom ROM is developed with using the source code of the stock rom of particular device. Before flashing the custom ROM, we have to rooting device it means having all the administrator right of the operating system software of the device. If you using customized ROM, it means you have a king user of the device.
Basically the developed will modified the user interface, system application and some changes of acceleration of software.

Keep in eyes?

  1. If you using the custom ROM it may void the warranty of the device because you breaking security of the operating system.
  2. Custom ROM's are not stable, it contains many bugs. Because it not developed the manufacture of the device.
  3. Custom ROM's are replacing company stock ROM interface with customized themes and launcher then its more attractive comparing with stock ROM.
  4. We can't change the Network capability in custom ROM from when manufacture provide base mode.
  5. Custom ROM's are basically developers will changing the RAM management so it works fast compared to the basic stock ROM.
Also check the how to flashing the custom ROM


Stock ROM vs Beta ROM vs Custom ROM?

Can we use Custom ROM for daily drive or Stock ROM or Beta. Its depends upon the bugs and many accelerating things of the mobile. Some times Custom ROM's are more power to compared with Stock ROM. But Stock ROM are contains less bugs to active the functions of devices. Beta is early stage of Stable ROM, but its released by manufacture then many cases it not void warranty. 

Images from
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Saturday, 23 June 2018

Recycle Bin Recovery: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Restore Recycle Bin Items To Where We Want

In my view, computer recycle bin is a folder to store what we delete. Major times its located on the desktop, but desktop is also one of the represented partition of the 'C' drive of the computer. Simply recycle bin or trace looks like icon is one of the default program of operating system to store what we delete of unwanted data. Recycle bin is also we called trash in computing "funny".

Of course can restore what we delete items from the recycle bin of the computer basically, but major platforms like Microsoft Operating Systems like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 versions we can simply identified the recycle bin, but some of Linux based (command based) operating systems are bit to hard find the recycle option. 

Coming to trick of the thing is can we restore where we want?

Ans: yes, we can restore the recycle bin items where we want the particular location of the folder.
But, i tested it works on the major Microsoft Windows operating systems, may be works in other Linux and Unix operating system also. Some of platforms based on command whether its have another way.

Then lets here we go.

Step 1: Find the trash icon or recycle bin icon and open it, where its located. If its not appear on the desktop then go to personalized setting of the display, choose icon settings  and mark the recycle bin.

Step 2: After open the recycle bin, choose the item what you want to restore where you want particular folder or location.

Step 3: Select the item and right click the item what you want.

Step 4: Simply choose to cut and paste where you want the particular location or folder.

Note: its works mostly on Microsoft Windows and some other Linux based platform, it depends upon the user interface of the operating system.

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Monday, 28 August 2017

MIUI 9 Update

update miui 9 without unlock bootloader

In the Android world MIUI is one the most popular mobile operating system now a days, Xiaomi Redmi company is developing the MIUI Android mobile system to Redmi mobiles and MIUI releases various versions.
But all operating systems are not ready to install, because all model of Xiaomi, its takes some permissions and process are to be need to install Beta or Stable versions.

Before you Flashing just check it out what is Custom ROM

No need to unlock bootloader to install directly Gobal Beta MIUI 9

The process of updating stable to beta is taken much time to flashing, because of process unlocking bootloader application to MIUI, verification and abounding process.

But this trick is avoid all the process of MIUI stable to beta. Buys no need to unlock bootloader for install your favorite MIUI versions.

Just follow the steps:

1. Redmi mobile.
2. PC or laptop.
3. MI tool link: here
4. Perfect internet connection.
5. USB cable for data transfer PC to mobile.

Note: Im not resposible for your device is damage, blocking or dead in the process. Is depends on your responsiblity


1. download and install the MI flashing tool.
2. go to setting in your phone and press miui version 7 times, it will automatically enable developer mode.
3. go to setting, then click on additional settings, choose the developer mode and enabling USB debugging and OEM unlocking.
4. connect your device (Redmi Phone) to computer.
5. open flashing tool, wait for checking internet connection, checking divers and follow the instructions.
6. allow the notifcation of authorization verifying to you phone.
7. power off and go to fastboot of you mobile (Press Volume down + Power Button)
8. after press yes for checking you device eligable roms. Its takes some reboots of your device and checking for status of bootlocking and particular roms.
9. select the rom what you choose (you can choose which rom no need to unlock bootlocker) and select, conform.
10. wait for downloading the rom and after downloading, connect your phone to pc (Press Volume down + Power Button) (Through Fast Boot).
11. its take some time to flashing completing depends upon your phone and rom size.

12. after completing it show message of successfully and wait 20 minutes, the phone first time booting to fresh.
13. finally successfully install.
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Tuesday, 9 May 2017

5 Common Misconceptions About Fix Phone Charger

This is the time of new generation mobiles, now every people have at least one mobile in the hand. According to some surveys 60 percent of people using mobile in our planet. Mobile are easy to computing and have huge fan following for simple and easy interface. Because the user interface is quick to response anybody can handle, so it's very simple to develop and use with simple finger tips.
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Fix Incompatible Charger Issue of Android Mobiles

All the story of Android mobile operating system is well known. But we have some issue of using mobile, in the section of managing issues of mobile basically working with Google's Android mobile is suddenly no supporting changer to charge, on the time we have shock because its working last few days but now its gives indication or warning to use only original manufacture charger means (same brand charger what's the mobile brand). This type of issues faces after update of particular operating system and after using when the device is not in use.

What we do on that issues faces?

Ans: Try these things.
  1. Change the charger.
  2. Change the battery.
  3. Reinstall the Stock ROM. (Install Stock ROM or Reset)
  4. Change the USB cable (the charging cable).
  5. Change the wall mount of plug or power plug.

What's the factor behind the issue?

In the daily drive the mobile battery will be anxious because of many things behind to keep in eye.
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1. Change the Charger: 

The charger of the mobile is play the main issue to not supported, not gives perfect output of particular mobile and release over output, it causes battery drain or dead. When in the situation just change the charger and use it.

2. Change the battery:

When the overcharging or use turbo charger to charger incompatible turbo feature device, After updating of ROM may changes the feature of charging, uses third party batteries and not charge perfectly. It causes may indicate the issue, then change with good compatible battery and charge for gives good life to your device and battery.  

3. Reinstall the Stock ROM. (Install Stock ROM or Reset):

Sometimes forcefully installing incompatible Stock ROM for using more features then the existing ROM, after installing customised ROM or Incompatible ROM, when the update with using this type of ROM, the features will be changed then the answer is incompatible issue. Especially branded mobiles, so than in situation simply the reinstall the compatible ROM or Factory Reset the device and check it for charge.

4. Change the USB cable (the charging cable).

The charging of the device through the USB from the adapter now it's mainly Android devices, so make it change your USB cable what the connector of adapter and device to charge. Because of may defects after using some day. Change new or good USB cable to charge for better result.

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5. Change the wall mount of plug or power plug.

The charging point will basis on the wall mount where you charge your devices, some mounts of plug will gives different power outputs when changing place to place depends up on the particular area of electricity power, then just change the wall mount of plug and use check.

May it gives better result of facing incompatible charger issue of your favorite Android Mobile.

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