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imei for android

Now a days Android mobiles are plays major role in the market because of cheaper, user friendly and simple availability in the market. Android platform have above 2 million apps in Google Play Store from the statics at December, 2016. The Android operating system is easy, but some time its need to format because of not enough memory, phone hanging or stuck of contains more pics, videos or any other stuff, on that time some mobiles have stock ROM then we can easily master factory reset, other manufactures are not available for stock ROM factory reset options, then on we need to backup your android phone before take the step to flashing you Android phone or tablet.

Why we need to flash the Android devices?
Ans. Because the particular manufactures not install recovery mode for factory settings or limitations of operating system in devices, not enough memory for stock rom recovery contains files.

Why we need to install IMEI numbers for MTK devices?
Ans. In the process of flashing android devices particularly MTK (MediaTek) devices are sometime accidentally missing, error or corrupted IMEI numbers of your phone. So, this process is working with MTK devices.

Install IMEI numbers for MTK devices

Using android devices having some issues when the device was unfortunately restored or flash with stock ROM and customised ROM process missing imei numbers in own devices. In the terms of process many ways professional bring back their imei numbers, but its task is not deal with the professional, answerable questions is why not we can get back previous imei numbers in android phones. Due to the Google Play Store many applications are available for these type of tasks.
one of the task today we have to do.

The popular application available in Google Play Store is MTK Engineering Mode .

Do the following steps:

Required files : MTK engineering mode apk

Steps 1. after downloading mtk engineering mode apk install

Step 2. go connectivity tab and choose CDS information

Step 3. go radio information in CDS information option and select phone in sims like have 2 sims and select one for one and two for two

Step 4. given command like (AT+EGMR=1,7,"FIRST IMEI NUMBER OF THE SIM") send to command or click the below tab

Step 5: given command like sim 2 also but change 1,10, (AT+EGMR=1,10,"second IMEI NUMBER OF THE SIM")

step 5. if command will be fail given again like without the quotes missing as it is.
steps 6. after completed the process and restart the device and check 06# check the IMEI numbers

Note: This app works only in Android MTK (MediaTek) devices.


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imei for android
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