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GTA- Vice City Cheat Codes

Grand Theft Auto Vice City

Remainder: Just type during the game: Should work on all versions


THUGSTOOLS                                     -                             Thug Weapons

PROFESSIONAL TOOLS                   -                               Professional weapons

NUTTERTOOLS                                  -                               Weird Weapons

PRECIOUSPROTECTION                   -                              Armor

ASPIRINE                                             -                               Health

YOUWONTTAKEMEALIVE             -                              +2 Wanted Level

 LEAVEMEALONE                              -                              0 Wanted Level

 APLEASANTDAY                               -                              Nice Weather

 ALOVELYDAY                                     -                              Lovely Weather

 ABITDRIEG                                         -                              Cloudy Weather

 CATSANDDOGS                               -                              Rainy Weather

 CANTSEEATHING                            -                              Misty Weather

 PANZER                                               -                              TANK!!

 LIFEISPASSINGMEBY                      -                             Speed up time

 BIGBANG                                           -                              Explode all vehicles in sight

 STILLLIKEDRESSINGUP                  -                              Change Clothing

 FIGHTFIGHTFIGHT                          -                              Agressive People

 NOBODYLIKESME                            -                              people fall down if u hit them

 OURGODGIVENRIGHTTOBEARARMS     -              everyone has guns

 ONSPEED                                            -                              Fast Walking

 BOOOOOORING                              -                              Slow Walking

 WHEELSAREALLINEED                   -                              Cars are only wheels

 COMEFLYWITHME                          -                              Flies Flying Around

 GRIPISEVERYTHING                       -                              ???

 CHASESTAT                                        -                              ???

 CHICKSWITHGUNS                         -                              ???

 ICANTTAKEITANYMORE               -                              u die, bitch

 GREENLIGHT                                     -                              all traffic lights to green

 MIAMITRAFFIC                                -                              Fast traffic

 AHAIRDRESSERSCAR                      -                              ???

 IWANTITPAINTEDBLACK              -                              ???

 TRAVELINSTYLE                                -                              Flying Car

 THELASTRIDE                                    -                              Casket Car

 ROCKANDROLLCAR                        -                              Limo

 RUBBISHCAR                                     -                              Garbage truck

 GETTHEREFAST                                                -                             Sabre turbo

 BETTERTHANWALKING                                 -                              Caddy (w00t)

 LOOKLIKELANCE                              -                             Lance Skin

 MYSONISALAWYER                        -                              Lawyer Skin

 ILOOKLIKEHILARY                            -                              Hilary Skin

 ROCKANDROLLMAN                      -                              R&R Skin

 ONEARMEDBANDIT                       -                              One armed bandit

 IDONTHAVETHEMONEYSONNY -                              Mafioso Skin

 SEAWAYS                                           -                              ???

 LOADSOFLITTLETHINGS               -                             ???

 HOPINGIRL                                        -                             ???

 AIRSHIP                                               -                             ???

 FOXYLITTLETHING                           -                             Mafioso Daughter skin

 WELOVEOURDICK                           -                              Scottish Skin

 GETTHEREQUICKLY                         -                              Fast Car

 GETTHEREVERYFASTINDEED       -                             Faster Car

 GETTHEREAMAZINGLYFAST       -                              EVEN Faster Car

 FANNYMAGNET                              -                              Women Magnet

 CHEATSHAVEBEENCRACKED      -                              Baldguy Skin

 CERTAINDEATH                                -                              Sigarette in mouth

 DEEPFRIEDMARSBARS                  -                             ???

 PROGRAMMER                                 -                             ???


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Tips For Twitter Keyboard Shortcuts For Beginners

Hi, buddy, are you looking for Twitter Tips and Tricks.
Here you can get the awesome tips for twitter for beginners.
Nows it's trending topic for social media, particularly who need to now eagerly searching for related to Twitter.

Coming to the topic, Twitter is the most popular social networking service in the web world, we can share feelings, pictures, videos and more.
We can find the latest news, events and a lot of stuff from my celebrities sharing information before to news.
This is another aspect.

In twitter, we can know things to happen right now in the world.
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The tweeting post is visible publicly but can set restricted access.

Twitter Shortcuts 
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When using Tweeter for posting or tweeting some secrets are behind the interface of using,

Twitter Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts for Twitter

Shortcuts are useful for Tweeting post for speedy or using simple interface, pressing combinations of keys in keyboard cause for some features of Tweeter.

Pressing F key:

When pressing F key in the keyboard it goes the favourite of your Twitter account, it is the most common use of every user. We can simply find what favourites on the list.

Pressing R key:

When pressing R key in the keyboard it goes direct reply to the particular tweet, this feature is very important to who wants the quick reply without using the mouse.

Pressing T key:

Many times we can re-tweet the particular tweet, because some modifications or clarifications of the tweet, generally who wants the re-tweet using the purpose of certain situations it is used.

Pressing M key:

Who wants the quick direct message without using a mouse, this feature can be used for the Pressing M for direct message.

Pressing N key:

When pressing N key in the keyboard cause new tweet of your account, who wants the using this feature without a mouse.

Pressing Enter key:

If you want to open tweet details without moving cursor, just press enter key on that tweet.

Pressing L key:

When pressing L key in the keyboard it closes all open tweets with quick action.

Pressing ?:

This mark of the key is used for shortcut key menu, it is useful for how to do in tweeter.

Pressing J:

If want to see the next Tweet, when pressing J gives to this feature.

Pressing K:

When to return the previous tweet pressing K key in the keyboard is used.

Pressing space:

When pressing the space bar in a keyboard, it gives the page down feature of Twitter.

Pressing '/':

If you want to search in the twitter, pressing '/' is used to the following search.

Some of following the timeline use full features for using keyboard shortcuts key with a combination of 'G' key.

GH: home, GC: connect, GA: activity, GR: mentions, GD: discover, GP: the profile, GM: messages, GU: Go to user and GF: favourites.

Enjoy the tweets using keyboard shortcut keys.

How to Watch TV Shows Online Free

watch tv shows online free

How To Watch Free TV Shows And Movies

Consistently the film business to the media business discharges huge amounts of new shows and motion pictures.
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Okay, now let's learn how to watch TV shows and movies for free.
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  1. Working PC
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Steps To follow the Watch Shows Online Free

1. First, go to and search Opera GX.

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2. Install Opera GX. (Remember Opera GX is a browser for gamming).

3. Close the browser after installation. Find the icon of Opera GX which was located on the taskbar.

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4. Right-click the icon of the Opera GX browser and Click on New Private Window.

Watch TV Shows Online Free
5. At the left side of the browser, you can find the VPN icon. Simply click on it and Turn On.
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