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POS Printer Driver

How to install POS Printer Driver

POS (Point of Scale) thermal printer or direct thermal printer we can simply identify these printers at when going to shopping mall or any super markets we can see the machine prints our bill receipt. These type of printers are rarely used because it working in billing purpose. The printer which process of digital image printing technology by selectively heating coated thermochromic paper or thermal paper. The printer is very small, tiny and speed for suitable retail or various printing receipt purposes. It is father than Dot Matrix printers and using less power consumption. All the fine but why we discussed these printers, various vendors are manufacturing POS terminal printers, but users are difficult to identified the particular printer model and installing drivers. Then on situation i will searching many websites and finally i got.

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Today easythings brings the drivers and installation process to POS terminal printer. The process of installation simple and easy. This drivers supported may major POS thermal printers like: TVS, Brother, EPSON, MAYA, GOODSON and more. I tested with TVS RP 3160 Star, 3150 Star and Brother QL 700.


  1. Windows working platform (windows operating system).
  2. POS thermal printer with perfect working usb cable for connectivity to computer.
  3. POS thermal printer driver. here


Step 1:  download and extract the POS thermal printer driver software from above the link.
Step 2: Install with administrator rights (run as administrator)

Step 3: go to drivers and printers menu at control panel settings.
Step 4: find the POS thermal printer and set as default.
Step 5: right click on the printer, go to the printer properties and click the print test.
Step 6: if you not get the print for action of print test, cause: check the printer connectivity and power on printer.

Note: may be not supported some printer models, then check the help of web search.


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POS Printer Driver
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