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friend request to no add friend button facebook

friend request to no add friend button facebook

Social networking is need to daily life in present days, it is a online platform for connecting for building relationship and connecting people one place to another place where ever in the world through the Internet, major people of the have at least one account in any social networking site. According to statics say in 2020 more than two billions of people are using social networking. Many social networking sites are available in Web World, but few are the most popular in the present days.

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Many of the platforms for available to people touch every second in world through the Internet. In the list of platforms Facebook is one the most popular social networking site and play a unique of present online social networking. Facebook is an American non-profitable corporation and founders of Mark Zuckerberg, Edurado Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

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Coming to the present trick of Easything, in Facebook user to know how to send friend request to your friends and know the add friends in the list, But some time we know friends onsite of search, but we don't know how to send a friend request to your friend because of he restricted or customized friend request invisible option or button in their timeline for the issue of privacy. Then how can we solution to send friend request to friend. It is possible to send friend request to the no add friend button Facebook user.

Yes, here the trick to send friend request to no add friend button Facebook user, just follow the simple steps.

  1. First log out the present Facebook account.
  2. Go to the address bar in you Internet browser and type :
  3. Login using you Facebook Account.
  4. In the search button find your friend.
  5. After find out your friend and send friend request through in the list (don't open his account and find friend request option)
  6. Stay connect with your favorite friend.

Note: This trick is working only in given above address and send request in the list of search.


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friend request to no add friend button facebook
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