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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Live a Better Life

Artificial Intelligence Definition

Artificial Intelligence is also know as Man Made Intelligence, because of every task was controlled of intelligence way to the manner like humans but its depends upon the computer programming.
The major programming languages for using AI are Java, python, Braina, Open INN, CYC, Eliza, Alphago, AML and more. If we learning these languages simply we can develop codes to computers.
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What is Artificial Intelligence And How Will It Change Our World?

In our daily life we are using many electronic gadgets, mobiles or computers to perform tasks, in the process of performing tasks helping any machine to us is called Artificial Intelligence. for example capturing images, Amazon Eco, Google Home, Google Assistance, playing games with computer and more things involved in the technology generation of you life. It was started in 1956 on wards many companies researching for AI to innovation of future generation gadgets for occupied up hand of market world.
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Smart things to about Artificial Intelligence: 

Hey Google..

Hello Google..

These are repeated and very popular in this decade because of innovation of Google, Thank You Google to give a best gift to hope of our feature technology. Coming to feature generation of technology AI is develops more and become unique category. It helps suggests routes and traffics signals of in our way in the daily drive. if you are in sad mood recognizing face expressions, it simply identify your mood and playing music or talk likes your friend voice and share a joke to changing your mood. May be its a part of in our lives in the future.

Is There a Smarter Path to Artificial Intelligence?

Many companies researching of AI to develop better future technology of Robots. In the manner Facebook also researching and developing its own AI for controlling chard boards, it was identifying and designing of our completing one year post and keeps first in our news feed for example if any post was completing one year, automatically it was comes to notice in your news feed. It was developed using with Artificial Intelligence of chart boards. But unfortunately it was shout down because of two robots who controlled the AI chart boards of Facebook. The two Robots names "Bob & Alice" was developing their own language and talking each other in the own programming language it was cant to understand humans, the Facebook research engineer identified these issue with the conversation of two Robots. So, may it can we smart enough to control Artificial intelligence but we have keep in eye of every things of AI.
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Are We Smart Enough to Control Artificial Intelligence?

Yes, we can enough to control artificial intelligence because AI always depends up on the human programming code, if we use for good it always positive, but AI is not control of humans. If any problem human only can fix.

Sophia is a humanoid robot. Before Sophia, every robot was looks like a machine, but coming to Sophia is looks like a human because its a humanoid robot. Sophia was developed by David Hanson of his company Hanson Robotics Company with Associate for the advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI) norms in the year of 2015.  On April 19, 2015 Sophia was activated to hope of AI future.

First AI Citizen

In the year of 2017 and month November 5, Saudi Arabia was gives the first citizen to the humanoid robot Sophia in norms of Peculiar Programming Designed for Self Thinking Cognitive Andro Humanoid Robot. The Sophia is express as a Human Facial expression of 95.76%. Sophia talk to humans and gives reply but not said like search in internet, she simply smile if you ask any confidential relate questions.

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Future Innovations of AI

Companies was starts research to developing for feature innovations, Microsoft company researching Microsoft AI Commercial which is aim of Intelligent Cloud and Intelligent Edge like Microsoft own assistant Cortana, Google also trying to implement to give better things one of new technology of expecting future is Google AI Duplex which was act as a person assistant but its a voice assistant to perform tasks like booking appointment with voice like a human voice expression. The Google AI Duplex system speak like normally a human and we can talk like simply. Not only we can expect AI Assistants and also driver less cars, personal robot and more. But its to move for positive is always good or human have need keep in eye on AI. 

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How Artificial Intelligence Can Help You Live a Better Life
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