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Google Minis: use your selfie as a sticker, ready to use selfie stickers in Gboard

What is Google Minis? Google own keyboard name Gboard is well known keyboard application in the Android platform, it's a default inbuilt keyword application in mobile ROM's, especially stock ROM of Google and more. The board had some inbuilt Emoji's which was most popular for using symbols like smile, angry, happy, sad and more are flying chit chat in social messaging apps. Google Minis look like a sticker of the Google Alloy app, but unfortunately Google Alloy has not become more popular in the app world. Now, Google was working on improvements of Gboard to customization of images with a own selfie as a sticker. Finally, Google announced introducing Google Minis in Gboard, then now its ready to use, this feature is available for who is using Gboard as a primary keyboard app on their Android phones.
Follow to some clarifications of Emojis and Using Minis in Gboard
What is Emoji? The symbol for expressing feelings through instead of characters for using messaging with someb…

Money on Mobile

make money with android mobile

In Internet world many users search word is earn money in online, when we search in web world it shows many ways in various websites. But how it is genuine and it works, now its time to smartphone world are running towards. So, today easythings brings to some information about the how to make money with your Android mobile. In the Google PlayStore different apps are available for earn money using these apps. Some of the applications are gives instantly and some are give time taken. These apps are personally i'm using and checking information to explanation. some of the apps are works only in India region and remain works globally.


This is one of my favorite android app for earn though smart phone. It gives money instantly through Paytm or recharge, When we install this app and register it gives instantly 19 rupees and install one app at least, if you use one more day it added more rupees in your wallet basically its depends upon the offer o…

How To Send Friend Request Without Add Friend Button On Facebook

friend request to no add friend button facebook
Social networking is need to daily life in present days, it is a online platform for connecting for building relationship and connecting people one place to another place where ever in the world through the Internet, major people of the have at least one account in any social networking site. According to statics say in 2020 more than two billions of people are using social networking. Many social networking sites are available in Web World, but few are the most popular in the present days.


Many of the platforms for available to people touch every second in world through the Internet. In the list of platforms Facebook is one the most popular social networking site and play a unique of present online social networking. Facebook is an American non-profitable corporation and founders of Mark Zuckerberg, Edurado Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz and Chris Hughes.

Coming to the …